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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

General musings..

My posting has slowed down a bit of late. I'm conscious of not just blogging for the sake of it or just to increase the volume of content on the site.  I'd rather post more sporadically which should allow for content which has been subject to a bit of proper thought and research.

With that in mind I've got a couple of ideas on the go which I'm hoping to develop into something worth reading.

Our Northern Ireland correspondent will be back in action this time at Cliftonville v CSKA.  He will get special bonus points if he manages to get anywhere near the director's box and attract the attention of Jim Boyce (former IFA president and soon to be FIFA rep for the UK).  Jim used to work with my Dad in his day job so I'm hoping he might agree to answer a few questions for us. The only stumbling block is establishing contact with him first. He's of the old school so it's not quite as simple as giving him a poke on Facebook.

Talking of which, there's been a wee stooshie on Hearts' official Facebook page which is worthy of  a blog.  Hearts are essentially the first club to adopt a two way communications avenue with fans through this medium (much to the horror of their peers).  Is it proving to be more trouble than it's worth? They may now be starting to ponder that very question.

I'm also going to try and speak to Andrew-Henry Bowie who wrote the fantastic Two Miles to Tynecastle.  It's a poignant, emotional and hilarious read and whilst it's set around Andrew growing up in 80s Edinburgh as a Jambo, its the kind of book which should appeal to all fans of the game regardless of allegiance.  I'm hoping my maroon credentials will be enough to get some input from him and his thoughts on some of Scottish football's burning issues.

That aside you can expect the odd (in term of both the frequency and the fixture) match review.  As usual they'll be as much about the atmosphere and  the event as they will be about the game itself. If you've read any of the previous content on this page you'll know how readily that fits in with my philosophy on what it means to be a football fan.

At the risk of contradicting the first couple of sentences I shall waffle no further.  I look forward to posting again soon. If only the small matter of a day job wouldn't persist in getting in the way :-)

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